How to find the Best Lipstick for beauty Reform in 2020


Like every other woman out there, I love branded bags, stylish dresses, trendy shoes, funky blush-on, but also I have a craze for lipsticks. Lipstick is a vital part of your makeover, and after kids, it is probably the only part of your makeup routine. You should wear Lipstick every day to look fresh and stylish; whether you are home or going out.

Recently, have bonded with a lipstick, it has all the qualities of the best Lipstick, and yes It is expensive too (lol) that is why it gets a place in my heart and always resides in the purse, and named it ‘My little lady’. Before this one, searching for a better and better one by exploring best lipstick brands and rushing towards the best lipstick drugstore.

According to the experience and a lot of research, if anyone wants to bond with a lipstick; that helps them in their darker days to masks the emotions and make one feels beautiful and fresh; that lipstick should have the following qualities:

1. Lock adequate moisture

The Lipstick best for daily use should lock an adequate amount of moisture with your lips. It cares for your lips more than you do. So, Anyone can fall in love with their lovely little lady, which keeps lips hydrated.

Never compromise comfort with color. Elegant looks, sparky tones, and stylish appearance would not be able to impress anyone without confidence. And confidence achieves when you are comfortable with your looks. A lip color that makes lips crave moisture will not only ruin the self-assurance but also eventually make lips crack and dry and destroy the natural color of the lips.

Therefore the most crucial quality of the best Lipstick is that it retains lips hydrated and keeps you in your comfort zone.

2. It’s not a sticky one

A Lipstick should be creamy enough that it glides on the lips and gives a perfect finish. A Lipstick is consists of pigment, oil, wax, and moist additives. The best one has an ideal ratio of these components. It gives Lipstick a flawless creamy texture that it easily applies on lips. Leave your lips even and without patch and glorious. The re-known brands with liquid lip colors are mostly are the best ones. The best creamy Lipstick that preferred is NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick.

3. Long weary/long-lasting

Unbeatable quality of the best Lipstick is that it does not wear off with having a drink or after having a meal consciously. And put its stain everywhere, whether you kiss or sip. It should be transfer-resistant and long-lasting. No ‘little lady’ stays forever; but what makes lippie color the best one, is that, several touch-ups don’t make it patchy, and it remains stable for a more extended period, and Lipstick should be kiss-proof.


4. Great color payoff

While I was a young girl, don’t have big pocket money, use to buy every Lipstick during the sale or which came to me quickly and easily. The biggest issue that came across was that, lips were see-through after applying the several coats of Lipstick. So the most characteristic that everyone wants in their ‘little lady,’ is, it should be opaque, it looks like my original lip color after application and gives a full and even coverage.

5. Compliment your skin tone

So now come to the point where the questions arise. How do I choose a lipstick color?

Which are the best lipsticks for fair skin? 

Which is the best shade for a darker tone? For this purpose, you should know about your skin undertone. If you knew about yourself, you could able to chose a better color.

How to determine your undertone

several methods determine your undertone. But the one I prefer and an easy one is:

take a white cloth or a tissue paper near your face.

* If your skin tone looks pinkish your undertone is ‘cool.’

* If your skin tone came out pale you have a ‘warm’ undertone.

* If your skin tone does not affect with white pieces, you have a neutral undertone.


The basic rule is darker color skin tone or the warm undertone compliment darker shades, while lighter skin tone or the cooler undertone compliment lighter shades. While me, in the neutral undertone have a battle with me because some time darker shades suit me and some of the lighter shades compliment my skin tone, so more the choices, more the difficulties arise.

Therefore it is necessary to stick to your undertone.

6. Smells good

A little tip for your guidance, a good lipstick should smell good, or it has no smell at all. If it smells like plastic or more of wax, it must be an expired one or a low-quality product.

7. It doesn’t bleed

If a lips stick is creamy and hydrating, but it melts in hot weather. It is of no use. A perfect ‘little lady’ makes you awesome in warm weather too. It does not melt or leave a stain on each, and everything came in contact with your lips, or match your teeth with your lips.

8. Breathable

This ‘little lady’ can make you suffocate if you don’t choose the right quality product. Lipstick should be lightweight to wear on lips, comfortable, and breathable. A dense wearing lip color might give you a headache that won’t go away easily.

9. Worth the price

Last but not the least point to note: the best’ little lady’ is not necessarily an expensive one. You should buy the one that satisfies all your needs. It is not the rule of thumb that ‘more the price more the qualities’. Check the reviews before you decided on buying.


Above are the qualities of my special ‘little lady’ that I found after years of ditching experience. You should learn some life-saving and money-saving lessons from it. Keep it in mind that no lipstick has all these qualities. Some are hydrating, creamy, and breathable but don’t have the right color pay off. But others with great color may be less breathable and streak when applied. Choose the one which has more of these qualities.

When buying online, the key is: you should go for the best brands and check the available reviews.

Let me know about your experience and which brand’s ‘little lady’ do you chose to have in your bag everywhere with you.

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