Best Hair Styling Guide to Rock in 2020



Every now and then fashion takes a new shift. And a new set of hairstyles are declared as being ‘in trend’. And the same old question arrives in mind that ‘how I am going to change my hair look?’. ‘Should I chop them off?’, ‘Should I change the color?’ or ‘should I let them grow out a little?’. If you have a long list of such questions in mind then this blog post will surely answer all of them. So let’s dive into the new pool of trends and start scheming before your next visit to the salon in 2020.

Most desirable hairstyle list is here

Length is back!

Long lovely wavering hairs are back in trend!. Let them styled into light waves drifting softly with a breeze or a long lovely sleek ponytail. It’s high time to give your hair much-needed nutrition and grow your locks out to a significant length. Also, the good news is that when you will be out of this stay at home period, after convid19 vanishes from our world, you will still look trendy! So don’t worry about salons being closed and your hairs getting some length, you won’t want to chop them off anyway! Hence, for now, keep the scissors away and stock up on the biotin.

The best part of having long lovely hair, you would have any hairstyle you want, and you would get every haircut you wish to ultimately. Some of these options to spice your long hair are:

  • Layers
  • Curls
  • Bangs
  • Let them flow
  • Long and straight

Embrace your lovely Curls!

Our lovely curly-haired girls who up till now have tried hard to straighten out their hairs to meet the market standards; are now being envied of their natural hair beauty. Curls are in trend, ladies! And all types of them! Whether you have tight coily curls or relaxed ones both are super beautiful! We have been saying this since the decade which fashion enthusiasts have finally understood. So its time to set your curls free.

Flaunt your Natural Texture

The texture will be a big topic in 2020. Instead of over-styled and super-sleek hairs, you were going to see the more natural touch. That’s not only about curls but also your average wavy, tousled and relaxed hairs. So, celebrate your natural feel and throw away all styling tools(never throw them). Your regular- at home look is not so ordinary anymore. So now its time to embrace yourself and let the world appreciate your casual look.

The Return of Layers

hairstyle-layer cutting

Fashion is very cyclic in nature; every new trend is somehow old too. As for this haircut, it never gets old. Layers are sure to give your hair a style you can keep for years without your look falling out of fashion.
We knew it would take only a few years for this layer cut to come back into style, and in 2020 it has finally arrived! And we’re happier than ever! This layered cut gives pretty much flow and style to your hairs, also Layers that gently frame your face are even more flattering. When deciding what types of layers, you should go for, take into account the thickness and style of your natural hair; to completely nail the look. Some use layers to thin out thick, unruly hair, whereas others use it to add dimension and depth to their coiffeur. The best part is; they look fabulous on almost every face shape.

Bangs back with Bang!

Long hairs paired with bangs look fantastic, they are sure to give your features a soft look that you can flaunt effortlessly. Certain bangs blend beautifully with your strands, and you can also go for wispy bangs if you have fine hairs. But always make sure whether this style suits you or not before you go for it. Bangs are amazing and beautiful, but there’s truly a style for every face.

Root Shadow now OverShadowed

Darker roots and light highlights were quite popular last year but not anymore, fashion has called for a new look as this has become quite normal. However, shadow roots are still beautiful, but light Hair on top and darker underneath feel like a real statement look. We loved the fresh looks with a blond on top and dark brown underneath. Well, it may not suit everyone, so make sure you have a nerve for experimenting.

Color Contrasting

Bold contrasts are the main signature look in 2020, but these are not for faint hearts, fashion enthusiasts are now moving away from conventional colors and trying to experiment with a lot more of them, well why to restrict to just a few ranges of colors when You have a heck of other funky ones too.

 Dip Dyed Ends

Like some other beauty trends dip DIY does not seem to leave anytime soon. It is one of the biggest trends of the decade. Dip dyeing is a simple task and can be done easily at home, and you don’t need to pay extra bucks for it. Dip-dyed ends look like a half-done treatment to me, but anyhow some people pull it off well!
Dip-dyed ends are low commitment yet add style to your mane. You get bored of your dyed locks? Just chop them off, And voila! You’re all natural again.

It’s all about Cool Hues

hair style

2020 seems to be all about cooler shades; fashionistas appear to get bored with warm tones that have been trending for a long time. The new era of cool colors is setting in. We are looking forward to witnessing some extravagant looks with super dope shades like pearl blonde, butterscotch and mushroom brown.

Pixels Pixels Everywhere


Our inventive fashionistas never cease to amaze us. This pixel hairs look is just another glimpse of their creativity. Pixelated hair is the latest cutting-edge trend that has caught everyone in awe. This is how digital art implemented in the real world. So, get technologic this year and satiate your bold beauty cravings by adopting this unique style. This style will surely make you stand out from the crowd.


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