How to Maintain Healthy hair- A step by step guide for all Hair Type


Life is not perfect but your hairs can be..


‘Your hairs are 90% of your selfie’. Either men or women, Everyone worried about their hair’s Health, texture, hair problems, etc. I never came across with a living person who doesn’t bother about their hair care.

Styling your hair is a natural desire that exists in every living Homosapien.

A week ago, in a superstore, there was a salesgirl having hip length Black hairs with spiral mini curls. she tugged them in a ponytail. Every other woman, girls, and ladies including me peeking to her hair. A couple of girls there even ask her about the secret of getting those beautiful locks. Being a blogger-cum-spy, My inner me never let me rest in peace if I weren’t asked secret about her hair. I walk carelessly towards her and ask about her product and then pretend that I saw her hair for the first time

Me:” Oh my!! you have got beautiful hair.”

SG:” yes Ma’am it’s in my genes.”

Me,” I have never seen such healthy long hair, you have got very lucky genes. your Mom also has them?”

SG: ” Not that long but yes more or less”

Me:” There should be some secret of haircare other than gene, have you notice any change of lifestyle of yours from others?”

SG:” yes Ma’am, fish maybe.”

She was in a hurry, so I left her alone and as soon as I was home, research about long and healthy hair. the fact lies under our nose.

Genes are responsible for one’s number of hair follicles i.e ports or root from where hair grows. But the eating habits, hair care, and diet also play an effective role.

furthermore, The texture of one’s Hair is in inheritance.

and also The thickness and the length of the hair came along the heritage.

but On the other hand, Can someone don’t have the legacy of thick and long hair, get beautiful hairs naturally?

Of course!! with care and attention nothing is impossible as Everything in this mortal world needs Attention.

It is rightly said by George St Pierre a former martial artist, “Give attention to the details, the big picture will take care of itself.”

If you take care of your hair as they deserve, They will be beautifully crown on your head as a result.

Beginning a hair care routine is the same as getting a skincare one. You have difficulty finding one. But once you have found one that perfectly goes with your hair, you will not want to leave it.

The process of finding an ideal hair care routine is a little tough when you find numerous options online.

Here is detailed information about what you need to know about the hair care methods, that match your hair type.

Individual HairCare Routine Depends on a few Factors

Haircare routine depends upon various factors

  • Hair texture
  • Hair type
  • Dyed or not(process under chemical)
  • Length of hair
  • Style to carry with hair

A hair care routine alter according to these factors.

Hair Texture

Hair Texture fall into three categories

  • Fine hair: These are the most fragile hair. They have only two layers i.e cuticle and cortex. People with this hair type can find it difficult to style hair in many ways. Straight hair gets oily, or severely dry easily. They need extra care. Prone to heat as well.
  • Medium hair: this type of hair has an added layer. along with the cuticle and cortex, there is an added layer of the medulla. they opt for many hairstyles.
  • thick or coarse hair: these are the hair that has all three layers along with the fuller head. they can hold any hairstyle. it is difficult to manage thick hair, but they are more tolerant of heat and another styling.

Hair type

there are 4 basic types of hair that subcategorize into further types according to follicles present in one’s head.

  • Straight: As the name suggested, they look straight. these are mostly fine hairs(1A) since they lack curls so the oil from the scalp goes all way down make them greasy. They may be medium straight hair(1B) or coarse (1C) but thicker they get more difficult to hold curls.
  • Wavy:  S shape hair type. Wavy hair looks thicker than straight hair, the wave has its own beauty. But this hair type gets frizzy and hard to style. 2A have fine hair type with the wave,2b have medium hair type with S curves and 2C have coarse hair-texture with wavy type.
  • Curly: they have long, big beautiful curl. This hair straightens when wet and resume their texture when dry. they can be frizzy. They further sub-categorize to A, B, C according to the type of hair.
  • Kinky: They have small tight curls. this hair might be fragile if the texture of fine hair(4A). but if the type of hair is thick (4B) or coarse (4C) then they have shine and look healthy. They are the toughest type. Hard to comb, detangle, and difficult to style.

Processed hair

Whether your hair has been dyed recently or bleached or in any way go under any chemical procedure then you have to take extra care of them. because they need some extra nourishment in the form of hair masks, hair food, and conditioners.

Use color-safe shampoo like this one available at amazon.

How You Want Your hair on a Daily Basis

Deciding about a hair care routine, you should also consider how would you like to carry your hair. Do you like straight hair? or curl them? perms? or you go natural. If you use hair tools more often than you take care of their nourishment as well as use a good quality heat protectant on your hair before using heating tools. Use the serum available at amazon.

Understand your Hair

you should know about your hair well. They are your crown so, you should know their properties and problem they are going through. Are they frizzy more than normal?

Thining more, scalp getting dandruff, turning dry, having split ends, etc!

More you know about your specific concern, easily will you target that problem and try to eradicate it.

Basic Daily Haircare routine for Hair growth

Few basic components of your daily hair care routine you can do at home are here

daily hair care guide
Inhouse Guides

Keep your hair clean

Hair with Dirt and excess build-up product on your scalp, destroy the natural pH of the head, which in return affect the growth and quality of your hair. healthy hair goes with a healthy scalp. so make sure that you wash your hair regularly with a nourishing hair mask or cleanser. Tip:  Don’t use shampoo regularly, it will dry your hair and make them brittle more prone to break. This is a natural hair wash day routine for most types and texture of hair. Curly hair girls can skip a day or two to wash their head because washing takes away the dirt as well as all moisture they already lack.

Condition your Crown

Curly hair needs a little more moisturizer than other type and texture of hair. So do deep conditioning once a week.  never forget to use conditioner after every shower. Tip: Go for a deep conditioner that offers Avacado, olive oil, and coconut oil. or make your own deep conditioner by blending oils that suit you. Or use aloe vera for the hair conditioning.

Buy conditioner and deep conditioner.

Massage your scalp

It is a trick to stimulate hair growth. Massaging your head not only relax your nerves but also nourishes and wake up those sleeping follicle, which activates hair growth. This is my favorite trick of Haircare at home.

So girls!! keep your fingers moving, close your eye, take a deep breath, and relaaaax.. take the benefit of the moment and revitalize yourself.

You can also buy a scalp massager online at amazon at a very affordable price. check this out here.

and But I fell in love with this massager. it is a little expensive but you will definitely satisfy with the massaging experience.

Protect your curls at Night

Whether you possess natural curls or perm you wavy or straight hairs in both ways protecting your curls at night is pretty important. try using a headscarf before going to sleep. It protects your curls and lock in moisture while you sleep. this headscarf has the best reviews on amazon. and also Check this headscarf also.

Eat Healthily

Adding food Rich in Omega -3, vitamins, and protein will assist healthy hair growth.

Fish is the best food for healthy hair. it contains all the key ingredients to give your skin and hair a healthy glow.

Chia seeds, Flax seeds, walnut are rich in Omega-3 which is good for your hair as well as skin.

Tip: Use Clean eating for every benefit of a healthy lifestyle


Detangling is very necessary for the reduction of hair breakage. A right tool can help you detangling easy. A wide-tooth comb might help.

Depending on the type of your hair you may have to detangle every day.

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Create Protective styles

Get a protective hairstyle for your daily routine like braiding your hair or twists to prevent breakage. Don’t forget to keep the hairstyle clean and moisturized.

Be Patient

Don’t be surprised, there is no magic wand in the real world that grow your locks and make your hair shiny and healthy. You should be patient and consistent with your hair care routine. Hair grows 1cm to 1.5 cm per month so be kind to your body and hair. Nourish them with care, they will reward you eventually.

Some Tips and Tricks

A few handy hacks and tricks are worth knowing. These schemes can be applied for the natural hair care of every type and texture of hair.

Get regular trims

if the hair looks split, brittle, dry, and rough they need a trim. Getting hair to snip every 7 to 8 weeks is recommended for reducing dead ends, restricting split ends, and enhance growth.

Use Warm, Not Hot Water

Soak your hair in Hot water can take oil and natural ingredient take away, make them dry. and if you wear a dye, it fades the color.

Don’t Go for Cold freezing water and get the flu. Instead, switch to a lukewarm bath that is good for hair as well as for your skin.

Don’t skip these Nutritions in Your Diet

Make sure you are consuming these ingredients and nutrition in your Diet. These nutrients are the life of hair. if you are lacking them, you will notice hair fall, dryness, and lack of shine.

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Water

Swap product According to Weather

Hair as well as products should switch according to weather. certain products are better for a particular season. In winter hair needed to moisturize more for combating the environmental dryness. But in summer, you can switch to a light formula.

Don’t over brush

brushing and combing your hair is a healthy habit. but overdoing it creates a change in your hair and make them frizzy and vulnerable. excess brushing stretches out your hair.

Avoid Hot Tools

If you have to use those straightener, blow-dry, or curler every day, at least use a protective spray. But the best thing is to avoid them as much as possible.


Scalp Treatment

  • Massage your scalp
  • Exfoliating Scalp
  • Nourish your scalp (with oil or mask)

These treatments open follicles, enhance blood circulation toward the head, furthermore reduce itchiness and dandruff issues. use once or twice in a month

check this hair mask and oil available at amazon.

This hair food can nourish your hair.

Protein Treatment

Dry locks and frizzy hair may need an extra dose of protein. protein treatment straightens hair, make them more shine, and smoothness. DIY an egg is good and healthy for your hair. mix it and spread it evenly on your hair, this is a homemade protein treatment. Therefore, Trying it once a month to strengthen your hair.  Or buy the best Mask for your hair.

Targeted Mask

to resolve Spot-treatment, a targeted mask is used to nourish and solve the problem of a specific region. like to treat your Dandruff issue maybe by this product, try a mask or nourishing formula and leave it for several minutes for deeply replenish hair.

Moisturizing and Sealing

  • Use Hair lotion for a moisturize and shiny looking hair.
  • Oil is used for enhancing your hair and strengthen its power.

Cleansing and Conditioning

Before and after shampoo hair care routine should be like this

  • Clarifying shampoo or use any detoxifying product to remove build-up sebum from the hair. check this product available on amazon
  • Daily Shampoo is used for regular use. But try to find shampoo according to your hair texture and type. You can opt for this shampoo available at amazon.
  • Rinse-out conditioner washes away after 2 to 3 minutes of application. it applies from the middle of your hair to the ends. opt for hair products with coconut oil and aloe vera for the best results. Like this one available online
  • Leave-in Conditioner. You didn’t have to wash-out this type. This is used for more nourishment.
  • Deep Conditioner uses once a week to clarifying purpose and boost for more hydration. choosing the best deep cleanser is a trick to have good Looking Hair. Organic coconut oil works as the best leave-in conditioner. You can buy it online at amazon here.

How to Grow Hair Faster

there is no magic to grow hair super fast, quickly in a week or a month. Be patient, maintain a healthy haircare routine, and religiously stick to it. Hair food, nourishing conditioners, hair mask will help you grow your hair what you deserve.

The Bottom Line

Finding a Haircare routine may take some effort, Time, and research. But when you figure one out, just ride the bus without any delay because now you are on the way to get your dream hair. it takes some patience but you will be noticing the results within a month.

haircare is very important when you style your hair on a daily basis.

To gain an elegant looking personality you should have best shiny fuller hair, smooth nourishing skin, and decently dress-up. Thus all of this needs a best caring routine.