Build a Daily Skin Care Routine in 2020


If only I had listened to my grandmom, I would have better, glowing, and shiny skin. She used to complain about my ignorant behavior towards my skin, now and then we had a conversation like that:

Grand-mom” omg! This is not the way to moisturize your skin.”

Me while rubbing moisturizer carelessly into my skin: “Oh Nani-ma, I don’t have much time to do it right.”

Grand-mom never heard me:” you should be grateful to the lord while applying anything on your skin and careful with it. Moisturizer should be used with soft hands in an anti-clockwise motion and…..”

Me:” ok next time I’ll do it the same as you said.”

But this next time came after her death when I realize my skin is getting off with time, but it is always better late than never, that is why I have started to follow her advice about a skincare routine and get amazing results. My skin felt hydrated, fresh, and it glows like never before. It is a step by step guide for women in their 30s or 40s for their skincare because we are getting mature and we should take care of ourselves more than others. in this article you will find everything you need to know about skincare at home.

Radiant, flawless, nourished and smooth skin is not simply in your genes. It require hard work, good eating habits, and adequate hydration. All of these given in a particular routine give valid and remarkable results.

In this era of internet, the flooding information and dizzying number of skincare products, make it difficult to scoop the right information. Here is all what you should need to know to sort through this chaos

Here is a point; you should know your skin type, but these steps are essential for every skin type regardless of any concern.

These are skincare routine for oily skin or if your skin got scales and small cracks and craved for hydration, oh yes!! It is dry, and this is skincare for dry skin. If you are beginning, and you did nothing for your most prominent organ of the body, i.e. skin, you are at the right place. It is the best beginner’s skincare routine.

Start work on your skin right now, I guarantee, you will feel relax and rejuvenated after following this routine.

Here are my grandma’s ultimate skincare steps.

Day Skincare routine

morning skincare routine


The most crucial step is to cleanse your skin. Start your day with splashing water all over your face and hands. A mild face wash that is not harsh for your skin does the job. Cleansing is essential, and it opens your clogged pores. 

A mild cleanser is suitable for every skin type. But if you have dry skin, you should opt for a cleanser with a creamier formula that is gentle for your skin.


Here is the recipe of DIY herbal face cleanser that is recommended by grand-mother, point to be noted is that this face pack is for every skin type, can use for dry skin on alternate days.

1 tablespoon gram flour

1/2 tablespoon curd

1/2 tablespoon honey

1/2 tablespoon lemon(for oily skin; exclusively recommended; don’t use if you have sensitive skin)

Mix all of them till a smooth paste spread evenly on your face and wash with clean water after 7 minutes.

If you want to skip all this effort, buy a nourishing, and enrich face wash according to your skin type.


Toner is a water-based hydrating formula that gives an extra bit of cleansing effect to your face. It used to offer a quick cleansing, removal of dead screen, and hydration to your skin.

Wisely choose a toner that is rich in antioxidants, essential oil and is water-based if you have dry or sensitive skin. Opt for an alcohol-based formula if you have normal skin, as it absorbs better in your skin and shrinks pores.


Here is a DIY toner, i.e. ‘aloe vera’. According to grandmom skincare, take a piece of aloe vera, peel it and rub it on your face directly. After a while, it will dry itself leaving smooth skin behind; there is no need to wash it.

If you feel lazy to get an aloe vera, don’t worry, here are the best tonners available online.

Antioxidant serum

Antioxidants are essential for your skin, the wise use of this serum helps to delay ageing, and make your skin wrinkle-free for long. It enhances the production of collagen, which eliminates free -radicals to protect skin damage.


Here is the tip by grandma: include Green and leafy vegetables to your diet, stock up on citrus fruits, daily use of green tea, a handful of nuts, and whole-grain help your skin to remain young and nourish for long.

An antioxidant serum is a must item in your collection. It would be a profitable purchase, I bet.


moisturizer is a fundamental component of the basic skincare routine. When you c with the whole regime of taking care of your skin, now its time to lock nutrients into your skin and complete the scheme by applying the essential and primary ingredient that is moisturizer. Commonly moisturizers use to reduce fine lines, hydrate, and smooth skin by providing perfect balance formula of oils.


According to grandma’s strategy, coconut oil with vitamin A is the best moisturizer. She used to add essential oils for more enrich formula and lavender for the perfect scent. By the way, I wanted coconut’s organic scent over lavender.

What do you prefer??

But if you feel too lazy about the idea of this DIY moisturizer, here is the list of best products, you can get optimal benefits of moisturizer lotion by its proper utilization and wise selection.


if you are not using a moisturizer with included sunscreen protection than using a good quality sunscreen lotion is very integral for your skin, especially when you are going out or in the kitchen. It protects your skin against heat.


According to my grandmother, aloe vera is the best sunscreen. In this regard, I doubt her because I don’t want to take a chance to get burnt. So sunscreens with optimal SPF is essential for your skincare scheme.

Night Skin Care Routine Steps

Skincare regime

At night skin undergoes a repair mode, the key is to provide your skin all the nutrients which amplify the process. and take adequate rest to gain energy for the next day.

Remove makeup

Before cleansing, removal of makeup is necessary, if my grandma were you, she just took a wipe, damp it with coconut oil n start cleansing. I love coconut oil to get rid of my makeup.


the cycle starts again. Cleanse your face to pull out any clogged pores.


exfoliation is crucial to clean your pores and to nourish your skin. But never do it regularly, it might dry and damage your skin.try it once; if you have normal to dry skin and twice a week if you have an oily one; would do the trick.

grand mother’s favorite exfoliation scrub is as follows

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon lemon juice

mix them, massage on your face, hands, and feet, in a circular motion. Wash your face and DONE!! Enjoy the benefits.


Toners are essential to maintain your skin ph to combat the chance of acne breakout.

Antioxidant serum

They are fundamentally important at night because serums are the heavy lifter of your skin. Consider the serum with hyaluronic acid.

Eye cream

The skin under your eyes is very delicate, so it is vital to take care of it more than anything. You are going to give your eyes rest, so eye cream and an eye mask should speed up your eye skin healing process. An eye cream can use in the morning routine, but it is essential to apply it at night too, in this way, it gets time to incubate and restore the skin cells while resting.

My grandma used to put green-tea bags on her eyes that absorb the tiredness, bleach the darker area, and hydrate the dried skin. But along with green-tea bags, if you use an eye cream, it will enhance the process; especially if you have dark circles.


Moisturizer is essential to lock all nutrients to the skin, that is why smartly pick a moisturizer according to your skin type. You can also use night cream instead of moisturizer, as it consists of balanced nutrients your skin starve for.


Hence, the order of product to apply on skin in a scheme is significant, remember the rule of thumb “lighter density product before the thicker ones.” you should stick to one skincare line not to overlap the whole process. In the above article, all of your questions like; how to build a skincare routine for oily skin, how to build a skincare routine for combination skin, or for dry ones, how to create skincare routine from ordinary products available at home, and skincare routine with home remedies; are answered.

The necessary points you should remember, always test-apply every product before use. It is needed to determine the sensitivity of your skin against the product. Whenever you apply any home remedy to your skin, note for the irritation and redness, if notice any, apply ice on the skin and don’t try that again. .Everything and every product are not for everyone.

Do you follow any Skincare routine? If yes then tell us about your experience and pour your suggestions about our grand-mother special skincare scheme.